Monday, 5 February 2007

The Pig and the Box

An anti-DRM picture book for kids!

"One day, Pig finds a magic box that can replicate anything you put into it.

Pig becomes so protective of his box, and so suspicious of anyone that wants to use it, that he takes drastic measures.

He forces everyone to take their copied items home in special buckets... buckets designed to protect.

But might not be so good for anyone else..."

Free PDF downloads:

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Windows Vista is here

From today Windows Vista is sold in the stores and the supermarkets...but attentions, it isn't very compatible with the old hardware (one or more years)...if you want check your system use Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor for Windows XP.

.:: System requirements for Windows Vista Capable PC ::.

A modern processor (at least 800MHz)
512 MB of system memory
A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable
20 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space
CD-ROM Drive

.:: System requirements for Windows Vista Premium Ready PC ::.

1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
1 GB of system memory
Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum), Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel
40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space
Audio output capability
Internet access capability

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Microsoft Windows XP...a long life

Microsoft extended the support for Windows XP family, until the spring of 2014...if you desire see more details visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle.

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Assessment test

Before the English examination I'm doing an assessment test, for (check) checking my background...

With six weeks of study, I obtained 59% of exact answers (in the last I obtained 10% because I was a really newbie)...

Unluckily the target (for) to pass the examination is 60%...

But the examination will be (the) on 21/02, and I have got still the time for studying!!!

Monday, 22 January 2007

Muslix64 decrypted also Blu-ray

After some (day) days, also (a) Blue-ray film was decrypted by Muslix64, the same Hacker that decrypted HD DVD...

(Is) It's necessary point out that this disc (is) will be protected only by AACS, but the final release of Blu-ray disc will protect also by BD+.

Will it be enough (for) to prevent the copy ???

I don't believe it...

Saturday, 20 January 2007

New crackdown versus the Peer-To-Peer and are being chased by the studios of MPAA and are being erased by theirs provider, but already they are searching alternative solutions. In response to this The Pirate Bay published a torrent link for the HD DVD film.

On appears this message:

"Lawyers from our primary ISP decided to pull our plug without any advance notice, as of 14:45 PST. No doubt related to our lawsuit brought by the MPAA, but we don't have more information at this time until people responsible comes to work tomorrow. We will be back in operation once we sort out this mess with our current ISP, or we get new hardware ready at our new ISP. We'll update here as the news change.Sit back and enjoy the rest of the internet in the mean time, while it last. For your torrent searching needs, try Google for now by searching for "SEARCH TERMS ext:torrent".

If you wish to help us out financially, you can donate via Paypal from the button below. Due to prior dis-taste from certain individuals taking donations for their legal defense and run however, this is not a legal defense fund. Your donations will be used for the operational costs of our servers and development of our websites. You have our sincere thanks."

In conclusion will return soon online, moreover the publication of torrent link for the HD DVD film it indicates the end of the war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray a short time we will see HD DVD burner and support a low cost... (Did you remember SONY, PlayStation One and the diffusion of CD burner ???)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Hallo people...
...if you play OGame, come into WinTricks Alliance...



Capo Supremo: ~Magnitudo7~
Capo di Stato Maggiore: Allanon
Diplomatico: Fumetto
Reclutatore: Shootermaoz
WT Talent Scout: MrVortex
Ammiraglio di Squadra: Macao

...but, what is it OGame ?
"OGame is a game of intergalactic conquest.
You start out with just one undeveloped world and turn that into a mighty empire able to defend your hard earned colonies.
- Create an economic and military infrastructure to support your quest for the next greatest technological achievements.
- Wage war against other empires as you struggle with other players to gain the materials .
- Negotiate with other emperors and create an alliance or trade for much needed resources.
- Build an armada to enforce your will throughout the universe.
- Hoard your resources behind an impregnable wall of planetary defences.
Whatever you wish to do, OGame can let you do it.
Will you terrorize the area around you?
Or will you strike fear into the hearts of those who attack the helpless?"

>->>>\°> <°/<<<-<
.E.N.J.O.Y __W.H.I.T__W.I.N.T.R.I.C.K.S__A.L.LI.A.N.C.E.
>->>>\°> <°/<<<-<

Scam Alert: DVD Shrink 2007 is Phishingware

Hallo people...
...if you search DVD Shrink on Google (a tool for DVD authoring => view my article, DVD Copy/Authoring), first result is a sponsored site (edit: now removed from Google sponsored site), which invites you buy a new version of DVD Shrink 2007, but this is the last version of DVD Shrink (is has only ben renamed), and it is absolutely free...

The real builder page of DVD Shrink is, and scam alert appears:


We've been told some other sites/domains begin to sell/ask for donations for DVDShrink.They even rename the latest official version ( other names like DVDShrink 2007.

DVDShrink was born as a *FREE* tool for DVD enthusiasts.

To date, DVDShrink has NEVER asked for money, in any form, nor even donations of any kind!

If you have ever payed for DVDShrink, then bad news for you: you've been cheated!

DVDShrink was, is and (for now) will be 100% FREE!

Feel free to report on our (and others) public forums about DVDShrink cheaters/scammers!

PS: when you surf the net, use your brain, it not is a supplement ;-)

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Microsoft Corp. to Launch Xbox 360 in China in the next few months

It is a good happening for new purchasers of XboX 360, beacause the Chinese customers do not like certain tecnology...I think the Chinese hackers will probably produce in the next six/ten months a new mod-chip (not dual firmware) against DRM and TCPA tecnology implemented inside XboX 360...

Thanks for your job ;)

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Alan Cox (Linux developer) submit a licence against the DRM

"The present invention provides a technique for preventing the unauthorized use of a computer application, operating system, or other program without causing the loss of any information or data. Specifically, the technique of the present invention monitors a computer program for use that is not in compliance with acceptable terms. These terms may be defined, for example, through the use of a license agreement between the computer program provider and the user. When unauthorized use of the computer program is detected, any information and data is saved and the computer program and/or a portion of the computer system is disabled. The specifics concerning data that is saved may be determined, for example, by the computer program vendor or the user upon installation of the computer program. Similarly, a conventional "suspend to disc" operation may be utilized. The suspension of the computer program and/or a portion of the system may be maintained for as long as the violation exists, thereby permitting the user to, for example, renew any expired license terms. Once compliance has been reestablished, suspension of the computer program and/or a portion of the system is terminated and activities resumed. In situations where compliance is not reestablished, the data may be transferred to the user."

source =>

Monday, 15 January 2007

Woman died trying to win a Wii in a radio station competition

US woman dies after water contest

Hyperhydration - excess water in too short a time created the disturbance in brain function that results when the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed outside of safe limits

EDIT (Jan. 17 2007): A California radio station has fired 10 people after a woman died from drinking nearly eight litres of water in a contest (three speaker and seven other employees); a preliminary autopsy shows Strange died of water intoxication.

Work In Progress

Hello people, Macao is here...