Monday, 22 January 2007

Muslix64 decrypted also Blu-ray

After some (day) days, also (a) Blue-ray film was decrypted by Muslix64, the same Hacker that decrypted HD DVD...

(Is) It's necessary point out that this disc (is) will be protected only by AACS, but the final release of Blu-ray disc will protect also by BD+.

Will it be enough (for) to prevent the copy ???

I don't believe it...


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's me... once more, your beloved :smack: Dav82 (L) :D

After some days -> plural
also *a* Blue-ray -> it's a precise one

It's necessary to point out -> the impersonal (? boh!) form needs the third person singular and then the infinitive form of the verb

will be protected -> passive

"for prevent" -> "to prevent"

"I don't believe" -> "I don't believe it"

Byeeeeeeeee :p

Marco Sgobbi ~ Macao said...

Thanks for your aid