Thursday, 18 January 2007

Scam Alert: DVD Shrink 2007 is Phishingware

Hallo people...
...if you search DVD Shrink on Google (a tool for DVD authoring => view my article, DVD Copy/Authoring), first result is a sponsored site (edit: now removed from Google sponsored site), which invites you buy a new version of DVD Shrink 2007, but this is the last version of DVD Shrink (is has only ben renamed), and it is absolutely free...

The real builder page of DVD Shrink is, and scam alert appears:


We've been told some other sites/domains begin to sell/ask for donations for DVDShrink.They even rename the latest official version ( other names like DVDShrink 2007.

DVDShrink was born as a *FREE* tool for DVD enthusiasts.

To date, DVDShrink has NEVER asked for money, in any form, nor even donations of any kind!

If you have ever payed for DVDShrink, then bad news for you: you've been cheated!

DVDShrink was, is and (for now) will be 100% FREE!

Feel free to report on our (and others) public forums about DVDShrink cheaters/scammers!

PS: when you surf the net, use your brain, it not is a supplement ;-)

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